Erasmus Memories: Córdoba, the city of the vases

There is a lot more to Córdoba than the vases, but for some reason, that detail was what got stuck in my head. I mean, not really a detail. You do see flower vases hanging on walls, an original way to decorate, to make any white painted wall look brighter and joyful. I loved it. Still do. But what attracts many tourists to Córdoba is actually its very unique Cathedral, which was never elevated to the status of Basilica for a simple reason – it is a Moorish Cathedral. Now, you may think – how is that possible? Christianism and Islamism are two different religions. And indeed they are. But I wish people would look back at this place and see it as a symbol of how all beliefs can co-exist peacefully. How at the end of the day we are not different from each other. Humans are just looking for faith. A reason to keep going. An explanation of the events of life.

The Cathedral is nowadays called the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption but it was once the Great Mosque of Córdoba. And this place is just wonderful.

Córdoba was part of my trip to Seville. These 2 cities aren’t that far apart, so before heading to Seville, we actually stopped in Córdoba. The weather was far from great. It was raining for most of the day, and we found refuge inside an Arabic Tea house for some time.

I do remember still walking quite a bit in the rain. the city is a maze, a eulogy to the middle ages when the Moorish dominated the city. I have a soft spot for old medieval towns. For narrow streets and alleys. So, of course, I was deeply touched by this place. This was the third town I was visiting in Andalucia, and I held it very dear in my heart. While I admired the clash of cultures in Granada and Seville, the latter full of grandeur and a lot more European centric, Córdoba seemed to have stopped in time. And, if you have been following me for a while, you know how much I enjoy time travelling.

Córdoba is not a city to be missed. It is a place where you must stop. Stay for at least a whole day. Give it time. I wish I had had more time here, I wish the weather had been nicer. But I still enjoyed every single minute I spend there.

Love, Nic

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